Fatal fluvial disasters on the river Danube from 1980s to present

Tragedy in Budapest: the HABLEÁNY's disaster
On May 29, 2019 the cruise ship MS VIKING SIGYN collided Hungarian sightseeing boat MS HABLEÁNY ('Mermaid') from behind under the Margaret Bridge. HABLEÁNY capsized and sunk in 7 seconds. With 2 Hungarian crew and 33 South Korean tourists on board, 7 tourists were rescued at the scene; all others were later found to be dead. Prosecutors charged the captain of MS VIKING SIGYN for "reckless misconduct in waterborne traffic leading to mass casualties" and "35 counts of failure to provide assistance" after the collision. During trial, prosecutors accused him for "distracted for personal reasons" during the crucial first five minutes after his ship left its mooring and "did not radio or send out emergency sound signals".
MS VIKING FREYA struck a bridge in Germany
On September 11, 2016, the Swiss cruise ship MS VIKING FREYA collided with a bridge near to Erlangen, Germany, crushing the wheelhouse and killing two Hungarian crew members because the retractable wheelhouse wasn’t lowered in time. The other 181 passengers and 47 crew members were unhurt.
MS OLTENITA destroyed in fire
On October 2, 2005, the Romanian cruise ship MS OLTENITA on one of her last scheduled voyage from Budapest to Vienna, a fire broke out in the kitchen. When crew realized it, they could not put it off. The fire began to spread uncontrollably and completely destroyed the ship. All the 77 passengers and 46 crewmembers could escape - except for the group singer.
MS ĎUMBIER: the biggest inland maritime disaster in Austria
On October 22, 1996, a Slovakian pusherboat MS ĎUMBIER and her barge drifted into the weir of Freudenau near Vienna in Austria. All floodgates were open due to the extreme high water, therefore the convoy was pulled into the plant and pushed through the gate within the blink of an eye. Eight crew members were killed, only one was saved. Learn more: The ĎUMBIER-disaster
Collision of patrol boat with a convoy in Austria
OnJune 29, 1991, an Austrian finance motorboat, MS MARCH, was struck by a Soviet convoy of MS FRUNZE in poor visibility near Hainburg, Austria. On board of MS MARCH there were 3 officers, all of them lost their lives.
MOGOȘOAIA: the biggest tragedy on the Danube
On September 11, 1989, the crowded Romanian passenger boat MS MOGOSOAIA was struck by a Bulgarian convoy of MS PETAR KARAMINCHEV in poor visibility near Galati, Romania. The collision was violent and unexpected. Passengers were stuck inside the ship as she capsized and sank within minutes. At least 220 passengers and 9 crew members died, only 16 people were survived. However, on the convoy, there were no injuries. Learn more: The MOGOȘOAIA-disaster
SIRÁLY I hydrofoil collision
On September 5, 1983, a Hungarian hydrofoil, MS SIRÁLY I ("seagull", type Raketa) en route from Vienna to Budapest crashed into a lighter barge of the Soviet MS VILNIUS's convoy during a failed overtaking maneuver. The speed of impact was 50 km/h. Two passengers of the hydrofoil were killed, nine were seriously injured. On the Soviet convoy, there were no injuries. The collision caused by the SIRÁLY I's skipper who lost the control over the hydrofoil. Learn more: The SIRÁLY I disaster
Dunakeszi-Horány ferry boat accident
On September 23, 1982, a Hungarian passenger boat, MS BULCSÚ, was struck by a Soviet convoy of MS MEKHANIK SUSHKOV while she was taking a late night cross from Dunakeszi/HU to Horány/HU without passengers. On board of MS BULCSÚ there were 2 crew members who lost their lives. According to the first reports, the radar on the Soviet convoy was working, but the reflection of the little boat was hidden under the reflections of a nearby high-voltage power line. It should also be noted that MS BULCSÚ's sailors was drunk.